ROTO✗PERT supplies services that are critical to modern feature films and tv productions.

Our roto experts provide top quality services fast, on time, and within your budget.

We work with highly professional CG artists and compositors, who are in trend with latest technology and we do not fear complexity and big scale projects.


Stereo / VFX Rotoscope



Tracking and Matchmove

Stereo / VFX Paint

Rig / Wire Removal

Digital Film Restoration

2D to 3D Conversion


Stereoscopic services

rotoXpert - services

FEATURE FILM 2D to 3D STEREO CONVERSION: we work with the latest technologies and best experts on the market to convert 2D into 3D for the cinema industry.

COMMERCIALS 2D to 3D STEREO CONVERSION:  we work with our own Post Production & VFX studio, Umbrella FX,  to convert 2D Commercials to 3D. Check it out at www.umbrellafx.com

DIGITAL FILM RESTORATION: time spares nothing and movies are no exception. As years pass by, the base and medium of a film become particular vulnerable to deterioration. RotoXpert’s film restoration services can reverse the damage and erase any traces of decay. RotoXpert provides outstanding film restoration services for black & white and color films up to 8K resolution. We give old movies a new life, one in which the beloved classics are truly timeless, as fresh and graceful as the day they were first launched on the big screen.

COLORIZATION: We add colors to black and white content (both film and TV).

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